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           Mary Jo Devlin


 "Hitler's Inferno",(Side Two)

Adolf Hitler Speaks in Vienna. 1939 - (annexation of Austria) 

 “What now chancellor Hitler who just said a time of change has taken place which we are witnessing today that will be up to the future generation to value it. It has often been stated that we have to fulfill our mission, but now the chancellor’s explaining which mission shall and must be fulfilled. Chancellor just praised hail to Austria…the German Reich, which has been united into the German nation.”

"Hitler's Inferno",(Side Two)

 November 20, 1945 Nuremberg Tribunal: on the First Day of the historic trail, the President: "I will now call upon the defendants to plead quilty or not quilty".

Hitler’s Inferno

Marching Songs Of Nazi Germany 1932 – 1945

Hitler’s Inferno Vinyl LP

Audio Rarities, LPA 2445


33 RPM


12” mono

Narration by Bill Forrest

Production staged by Mary Jo Devlin

 United States USA


Side One: Adolf Hitler - Speaks In Rome. 1937, The Crowd Cheer And Sing, "Deutschland Über Alles", The Nazi Storm Troopers Sing, "Die Fahne Hoch" (Horst Wessel Lied), The Nazi Storm Troopers Sing, "Heil Hitler Dir!", Paul Joseph Goebbels - Introduces Adolf Hitler. 1934



Side Two: Adolf Hitler - Speaks In Vienna. 1939, The Nazi Storm Troopers Sing, "Heil Deutschland", The Nazi Storm Troopers Sing, "Wenn Die S.S. Und Die S.A. Aufmarschiert", The Small Berlin School Children Sing, "Die Jugend Marschiert", Goering, Hess, Von Ribbentrop    The Defendents, (Goering, Hess, Von Ribbentrop, Etc.) Plead "Not Guilty" At The Nuremberg War Crimes Trial. 



 "Never before has this shocking material been heard in the United States. Most of these songs and speeches were taken from German radio stations after the war. Their joyous quality is frightening when one thinks of the murder and destruction that followed. It must never happen again in the civilized world.


 "Hitler's Inferno" label Audio Fidelity  "AF" AF 2445 H, (1958-1961..)



 A later stereo record  "Hitler's Inferno" label: Audiofidelityenterprises "AFE" (1965..)


Audio Fidelity, Inc. was sold  in 1965 the company's name was changed to Audiofidelityenterprises,Inc.In 1985 the company became Milestone Records..At this date much of the catalog is being re-mastered and re-released digitally by Reach Entertainment and The Copyright Group.In 1997, the compamy  was purchased out of bankruptcy by Colliers Media Company.

advertisement in "High Fidelity" October 1956,(Hitler's Inferno record) Dauntless International

750 Tenth AVE. New York 19, N.Y, USA. 



The research by IFUD of Human Rights between 1994-1995 was not directed towards  Audio Fidelity,kinor or Dauntless International  in New York,the American distributor of the vinyl record "Hitler's Inferno"  in the period 1954-1961,but focuses on the Hitler's Inferno by Bill Forrest and Mary Jo Devlin.The speeches and songs of Nazi-germany "Die Lieder der NS-Zeit",(with the fall  of the Third Reich in May  8 -1945,the Allied Control Council banned also the Deutschlandlied):The German government,Freistaat Bayern:(Kontrollratsgesetz Nr 2 vom 10-10-1945 und Kontrollrat Direktive Nr 50 vom 29-04-1947).Dieses Verbot ist aufgrund  86a StGB in Deutschland bis heute im Kraft.The fact the work "Hitler's Inferno" for the most part concists of songs and speeches from Nazi Germany doesn't matter.The artistic performance of the author "Bill Forrest" is definitely in 1945 "end of the War" presented to the American public in person:"Never before has this shocking material been heard in the United States.Most of these songs and speeches were taken from german radio stations after the war.Their joyous quality is frightening,when one thinks of the murder and destruction that followed.It must never happen again in the civilized world".The songs and speeches chosen by the author "news  politics and government are in 1945 free  "public domain" transformed into a new anti-facist work "Hitler's Inferno",a new original work in the sense of the Copyright Law of the moral  "personality right"of the author.Modification and changes of an orignal work is a violation of the author's moral rights,are not allowed.The Germans in Nazi-Germany destroyed most documentation that did exist before the end of the war.The documents that survived and related directly to the killing program were virtually all clasified and stamped "Geheime Reichssache",(Top Secret).Hitler ordered that the killings not be spoken of directly in German documentation or in public statements.



 (Hitler's Inferno) distribution by cdbaby



   cdbaby's warehouse USA (photo The New York Times)









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